High-quality child care helps employees focus more on their duties at work and increase their productivity when they have peace of mind knowing their families are secure. All of these issues will directly impact the bottom-line of the company.

Child Care Consulting Services for Employers

  • Employee Child Care Needs Assessment

KidCentric's staff will conduct a comprehensive survey of your employees and/or clients to assess their current and anticipated child care needs and the likelihood of utilizing an employer-sponsored child care program. We will also work with your management team to assess the level of commitment for a corporate child care program. We will utilize all of the data obtained to develop a strategic plan to meet the short-term and long-term child care needs of your company.

  • Child Care Program Feasibility Study

KidCentric understands that implementing a corporate child care program is a major undertaking. In order to determine whether a child care program has a high probability of being successful, many factors need to be considered, including employee child care needs and desires, corporate climate and, of course, financial considerations. A Corporate Child Care Feasibility Study will help you address these concerns. Consulting services included within the Feasibility Study are: 

  • Determining child care program size, age groupings and staffing
  • Coordinating research around zoning, permits, traffic, and environmental concerns
  • Consulting with architects, builders, designers, etc to ensure the on-site daycare facility is developmentally appropriate and will comply with all child care licensing regulations
  • Determining appropriate indoor & outdoor equipment
  • Planning food service requirements and procedures
  • Determining total anticipated start-up and on-going costs

Along with giving our clients an accurate picture of initial and on-going requirements for a child care program before large sums of money are committed, our Feasibility Study also lays the groundwork for implementing a program. For example, a staffing plan, equipment list and estimated budget are all required to obtain a license for a child care program. Although a powerful tool in and of itself, the Feasibility Study should be viewed as a springboard to any future child care program.

  • Child Care Program Licensing and Start-up

KidCentric serves as a liaison between your company and the local child care licensing agency. We will complete the process to license your on-site daycare and have the program ready to open, including:

  • Establish policies and procedures
  • Determine staffing needs
  • Write job descriptions and Employee Handbook
  • Write Parent Handbook
  • Develop all forms necessary for day-to-day operation
  • Hire Center Director and assist with hiring remaining staff
  • Plan staff orientation 
  • Ensure initial health & safety compliance
  • Arrange CPR & First Aid training
  • Order furniture and materials and ensure proper set-up
  • Establish a daily program schedule
  • Plan program curriculum
  • Establish risk management procedures
  • Complete child care licensing paperwork & forms
  • Arrange required inspections
  • Market child care program to employees
  • On-Going Child Care Program Management

Once your child care center is established, KidCentric will provide on-going child care center management. To ensure the operation of a high-quality child care center, we will:

  • Provide professional supervision of the Center Director
  • Implement risk-management programs
  • Provide on-going staff training
  • Oversee the staffing schedule to ensure that high-quality care is provided while effectively managing costs
  • Ensure on-going health & safety compliance
  • Oversee the daily schedule and curriculum to make sure that a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities are being provided
  • Ensure regular family involvement activities are provided to allow families the opportunity to suggest program improvements

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